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Jesus died on the cross to take away our sin, give us new life, and become our king. We do everything by the power of the cross.


Jesus lives in perfect fellowship with the Father and Holy Spirit. Like the Trinity, we do everything in the context of community.


Jesus’ mission is to build a growing kingdom of grace and love on earth. We do everything in light of his redemptive mission.


Jesus lives to bring glory to the Father. We do everything to glorify God above all else, and we want to influence others to do the same.

Why We Don’t Pray

It’s pretty crazy if you think about it. We have an open invitation from the ruler of the universe to come chat with him anytime. It would take us a month to get a meeting with our city councilman, but we can march right into the throne room of the King of Kings...

Why Tests Are Good

When I was in college, everyone knew that the hardest undergrad class was organic chemistry. O-chem was the weeder class for every science major. If you couldn’t pass it, you couldn’t be a science major anymore. My freshman roommate was an engineering...

Potluck, Praise, and Prayer Night

Saturday, November 21 Liholiho Elementary, 5:30pm-8:00pm Start the holiday season with the right perspective. Join us for a night of thanksgiving and praise, glorifying God for all he is and all he has done! Bring a main dish that can feed 8-10 people. We’ll provide...

What It Means To Pray “Forgive Us Our Debts”

Millions of Christians around the world recite the Lord’s Prayer regularly. It’s so familiar to many of us that it’s easy to mouth the words without comprehending their earth-shattering significance. “Forgive us our debts” can bear the...

Student Ministry Update

God is working among our middle and high schoolers. Our student ministry has been around for a little over 3 years, and we’re stoked to see how disciples are being made and matured. The group began meeting on Sunday mornings during our second service, studying through...

What it means to pray for God’s kingdom

They’re just three short words in the middle of the Lord’s Prayer. Your. Kingdom. Come. When we pray it, we’re praying for God’s reign to expand on earth as people are transformed by his grace. As J.I. Packer says, “God’s kingdom is not a...

Only love for Christ has the power to incapacitate the sturdy love for self that is the bane of every sinner, and only the grace of Christ has the power to produce that love.

-Paul Tripp

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Love for Christ

Why Is Prayer So Hard?

What happens when you sit down to pray in the morning? If you’re like me, sometimes you’re not even fifteen seconds in when your mind starts wandering off. You start thinking about your to-do list, and you realize you forgot to put something on your to-do list....

A Guide to Fasting and Prayer

This week our church is launching 49 Days of Prayer. We’re praying for God to make us more prayerful. We’ll be studying the Lord’s Prayer, and looking for ways to apply Jesus’ instructions on prayer to our individual lives, marriages and...

Why We Need Mirrors

I’m a pretty good guy. I love my wife, I provide for my family, I volunteer my time in the community. I even serve God full-time. Compared to many people in the world, I think I’m doing well. I’ll bet Isaiah felt the same way. As a prophet, his job...

Which measuring tape are you using?

Quick, think of one thing you’re pretty good at. Got it? OK, now think of one thing you’re not that great at. I asked a few people those questions and got answers like these: “I think I’m pretty good at cooking.” … “People...

Opportunities to Serve

We believe that one of the best ways to experience the fullness of life as a Christian is to serve others both inside the church and outside the church.  There are many opportunities that we have to do both here at Harbor Church.  Serving others is the way that God...

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